Save Time in Your Scheduling Process!

How much time do you spend in scheduling?  We can save you up to 30, 60 , or even 90 minutes per day!  With a powerful calendaring tool, you can automate much of your scheduling process’s, quickly see all tutor and students schedules,  push out information to tutors and students and parents, automatically track student hours, and much more.

And since you can give online access to students and parents, they don’t have to call you for most scheduling tasks.  Now how much time with that save you?  What will you do with the time you save?

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Tools to Help You Run and Grow Your Business!

Now that your saving time, you can use our customizable tools to help you see trends in your business.  Reports will show you session activity by date or status such as No show/Completed/Canceled, Charged and Not Charged. Want to see how many students started or stopped coming this month/quarter/year?

Reduce no shows with automatic session reminder emails to students and parents, and get paid sooner with automatic low pre-paid balance emails to parents.  There’s even a great time sheet feature for your tutors.

It’s all customizable to how your run your business! Parents love it, your tutors will love it, you’ll love it!

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Improve the Learning Experience!

Helping students learn brings success to your students, and your business.   We’ll give you tools to help!

Reduce no-shows and cancelations by having your cancelation policy on their calendar, and have automatic emails sent to remind busy students and parents of upcoming sessions.

With per session notes shared between tutor and students/parents, if a student has a last minute test they need to prep for, they can let their tutor know, and the tutor will immediately receive an email notification.  The tutor will always be better prepared to focuse on changing student needs. Students can even upload files to their tutors.

Track late check-ins, and manage rewards.  For tutors, private per session notes helps them to plan better. They can receive their schedules in an email daily, and receive email notifications when anything changes on their calendar.   Its all customizable to help you help them!

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